Kindermusik Online!

Having fun is just the beginning! Our award-winning curricula and world-class educators provide engaging musical learning experiences during the years most critical to brain development. In every Kindermusik class, your child is welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where they will sing, move, play instruments, and hear stories—all while developing social skills, problem-solving skills, pre-math skills, and a foundation for reading. Each and every class is a joyful experience that will fill you with beautiful moments with your little one, creating memories that will last a lifetime!


We hope to return to our classroom soon, but in the meantime...  let's have a House Party! Join our live, online music classes all throughout the week. Parents are telling us "It's the best part of every day. Thank you!" and "I just love hearing my daughter sing all throughout the day!"  Come see why families are loving it. 

Kindermusik Online Includes:

  • Classes for babies (0-1 yrs), toddlers (1-2 yrs and 2-3 yrs), preschoolers (3-6 years) and all ages together (0-6 yrs)

  • Several classes each week at a variety of times (including Saturdays!)

  • All the music from class to download or stream

  • E-books of the stories from classes

  • Games and ideas to print/use at home -- all related to classes

  • Access to our unique online library of videos to use at your convenience

  • $70/month per family

  • Convenience to start when you wish - we will prorate your first month if needed

Schedule of LIVE Virtual Classes

Music is uplifting and delightful, so you are welcome to participate in any and all classes, regardless of ages, and all children in your household are invited!


10:00 Zoom class All Ages


11:00 Zoom class All Ages

12:00 Zoom class preschoolers 3-6 yrs


11:00 Zoom class All Ages 

How It Works:

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with all the info you need to join classes. The schedule will always be listed on this page, as well as on our private Facebook Group. All you have to do is log in from your device or connect us to your TV. Then, you and your little one will be able to participate with our educators and other children in real time! We use zoom, a platform that allows all of us to see each other so that we can still feel connected to each other and our community. You will also be invited to join our private Facebook Group, which gives you even more access to online content and activities, as well as another point of connection with others. 


Pull together a music basket for classes -- all things you can find around your home, such as toys that make shaking/ringing sounds, plastic bowls to be drums, wooden blocks that tap together, wooden spoons to tap like sticks, a favorite stuffed animal, and a ball! You  Bring your music basket "to class" each week, and prepare to sing, dance, and play along at home.

The nice thing about these classes and activities is that you will be able to participate in your own way, just like you would in a regular studio class. So, you can turn your video on or off as needed, mute yourself, and you can even leave the class and come back later if your child has a meltdown or runs away. In addition, you’ll be able to do special things you wouldn’t be able to do in our in-person class, like eat whatever you want, let your child play with his/her own toys from home, and/or even bring in the family dog or cat to class!

Parents, we know that typically we want to limit screen time. We want to reassure you that this is NOT the kind of activity where your child’s watches and you go cook dinner. The program is being designed in the same spirit as our classes, where the teacher is the facilitator to your engagement with your child. It is being designed to be very hands on with parents and their children, while a familiar face is on the computer singing and guiding you along. You’ll get the same activities and all of the wonderfully developmental things you’ve come to expect in the classroom.

We monitor attendance during each class, as these are private classes. Links are not sharable, and every attendee must be registered. Classes are not recorded and are password protected in order to protect each child and families' privacy. 

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