Meet the Team

Ms. Katherine, Owner and Licensed Kindermusik Educator

Ms. Katherine has spent many years as an educator and musician. She grew up studying piano, voice, and violin, and performed in numerous local symphonies and musical productions. A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she has a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in music. Katherine taught in the public schools for five years, providing her students with a compassionate teacher who always conveyed her love of music and children. She brings these two loves together again in her Kindermusik classes. She has been a licensed Kindermusik Educator since 2003, helping children of all ages grow and learn through music. She is also the proud mother of 4 young children whom she adores!

Katherine believes that, through music, children can develop the creative side, helping out-of-the-box thinking and willingness to try new things. She focuses on building confidence and inspiration in classes, as well as connection with others. Her goals are to help "tiny humans" become outstanding adults!

Ms. Faith, Licensed Kindermuisk Educator, Group Piano Instructor, Private Lesson Instructor

Ms. Faith has lived in the Richmond area since 1996. A former middle/high school English/Drama teacher with over five years of classroom experience, she is now a homeschool mom of two, and teaches private piano lessons in the Lakeside area. Faith loves to sing, and has sung with choirs and church worship teams since middle school. She graduated from Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, VA with a degree in Drama. Since then, she has consistently taught in children's ministries, and has shared her enthusiasm for drama and music with others by developing skits and directing full-length productions in school and at churches. Teaching piano is an ongoing passion for Faith, who studied piano formally as an adult. Piano can be studied both on and off the bench, and Ms. Faith utilizes games and activities for a fun-filled lesson. She believes that studying piano gives children a solid musical foundation for pursuing any other instrument, and that early piano study provides children the opportunity to cultivate a life-long love of music. She especially enjoys the joy and excitement that preschoolers bring to a music lesson.



Ms. Jennifer, Licensed Kindermuisk Educator

Ms. Jennifer has lived in the Richmond area since 1997.  A former elementary music teacher and nanny, she is now a stay-at-home mother of two.  Jennifer also works for the Greater Richmond YMCA where she teaches Zumba at the Goochland and Powhatan locations. Jennifer was a flute major at Campbell University in Buies Creek NC. She also loves to play piano and has played for church and school choirs.

Ms. Jennifer started out as a mother in Kindermusik classes and fell in love with the curriculum and all that it can offer children. She saw how much her own children loved attending music classes, and heard them singing songs all week long at home. She realized she wanted to be part of the process that helps more and more children thrive through music. She brings a unique perspective to Kindermusik classes, as she has been on the "parent/caregiver" side and is now on the "educator" side! 



Ms. Sue, Licensed Kindermusik Educator, Private Lesson Instructor, Group Class Educator, Studio Coordinator

Ms. Sue is a music educator and certified K-12 instrumental/general music teacher. She taught general music in elementary schools in Massachusetts for 3 years until she moved to Texas. Ms. Sue has a bachelors degree in music education, with a minor in secondary education. She attended the University of New Hampshire and Bridgewater State University as principal violist each semester. While working on her degree at BSU, Sue performed with the African Drumming ensemble for 5 years, where she discovered her love for the drums. 


Ms. Sue uses several approaches to teaching music because she believes each brain is different. During her lessons she likes to incorporate singing, math, history, and humor to help fulfill the learning environment. Self awareness is strongly taught, as students need to be able to judge their playing while away from the class. This is encouraged through positive reinforcements, questions, and evaluations. 


She always loved music, whether it be singing, drumming or playing viola along with her father every night at sunset. Her passion for music blossomed in high school, where she was exposed to all types of music and learned about different genres in depth. Sue's favorite music is the blues, but listens to a lot of folk and modern hits as well. In her spare time, Sue enjoys gardening, yoga, walks, and playing with her two dogs: Squishy & Beta.


Ms. Sheena, Piano Instructor

Sheena Wade is a lifelong musician who first became interested in piano at the young age of four years old. After more than a decade of piano lessons and band classes, she moved to Richmond in 2001 to pursue instruction in piano and trombone at VCU. She eventually majored in English with a focus in Creative Writing and Poetry, and has become a talented lyricist and wordsmith. Her analytical and personable skills make her an ideal teacher, as she assesses the way her students learn and crafts her lessons to reach each student in unique ways.


Sheena teaches a wide variety of musical styles, from Bach to Rock. She has a deep understanding of Music Theory, and her approach to teaching makes difficult concepts relatable to even the youngest and oldest of beginning students. Her excitement for sharing her knowledge is clear in everything that she does.


In addition to performing for events as both a soloist and ensemble musician, Sheena is a versatile, prolific songwriter, and she engages students of all levels in learning composition. She sees this as a way to make theory, or, as she calls it "the architecture of music," relatable to every student.


Sheena fully believes that music is the language of emotion. She refers to playing piano as a choreographed dance for the hands and gymnastics for the fingers. She sees ability and talents in every student she meets, and always finds the way to help all of her students achieve their musical dreams and desires. Her lessons are taught without stress nor pressure. Her goal as a teacher is to foster a great love and understanding of music in each of her students, so that they will become lifelong musicians and never grow up and say, "I wish I had not quit piano lessons when I was younger." Her joy is contagious, and her individualized lesson plans always bring out the best in anyone she teaches.



There isn't a word magical enough to describe being a teacher at Melody Magic. The second you step into the studio it's like the outside world fades away and you are transported to a happy, whimsical place where only fun and laughter live. As a teacher, I am able to watch the joy, that only music can bring, light up the kids' faces. I watch shy children become bold as they move across the floor with a scarf in the air. I watch babies who start the classes swaddles in mom's arms begin to stand... then walk. I watch kids' voices grow stronger as they gain confidence learning new skills week after week. I see moms, dads, and grandparents laugh as they enjoy dancing across the floor with their little one. Magical just doesn't seem to do it justice... but it's a start!

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