How We Clean

Your family’s health and well-being is and has always been a priority at Melody Magic. You can count on that. We have regular practices to keep you safe and sound - practices we always have in place, year-round. For example:


  1. Hand sanitizer is always available for you – utilize it at the beginning and end of each class. And there is soap in every bathroom. Washing hands is always encouraged!

  2. Instruments and props are disinfected after every single use. We don’t have a yucky bucket – if it was touched, it gets cleaned. It’s our standard.  

  3. In addition, doorknobs and other often-touched surfaces (like light switches, windowsills, chairs) are cleaned regularly. Sometimes multiple times a day!

  4. You may not notice it, but we even make activity modifications during really sick times of year, like not holding hands for a circle dance in Kindermusik. We never force anyone to touch another person.

  5. We also have a generous makeup policy so you feel comfortable staying home when you or your child are a bit under the weather. 

  6. We also ask all private lesson students to wash their hands before their lesson starts. Pianos and keyboards are wiped between every single lesson.


We are diligent about keep our music space clean and sanitary – now and always. In the middle of the summer, in the middle of the winter, always. You can count on that.


One parent told us  “You are the only place we are going this time of year. We know you keep it clean, we see you do it.” We are thankful that you recognize that we care about your children as much as you do!

We look forward to having you at our studio! YOU are part of our family. Welcome!


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