The Premier Music Class for Young Children

Why Choose Kindermusik Music Classes?

For your child’s brain, body, heart, and soul.

Kindermusik is much more than a fun activity for parents and children to do together. It’s a conduit for your child’s learning. Kindermusik classes are carefully and creatively designed to enhance children’s cognitive, language, physical, creative, and social-emotional development. It’s whole child development at it’s finest.

What to expect

Kindermusik is the premier music and movement curriculum for young children. Every Kindermusik class begins with a trained, licensed Kindermusik educator welcoming you. All classes take place in a playful, nurturing environment where your child will have fun singing, moving, playing instruments and hearing stories—all thoughtfully sequenced to set the stage for multi-sensory learning. The educator will guide your class from one activity to the next, helping you understand how your child is developing musically, cognitively and socially along the way. And classes are a great place to meet other parents while creating a unique bond with your child. It’s a win-win.

Sing. Dance. Play. Bond. Grow.

It’s Kindermusik at Melody Magic Music Studio.


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