Our Values

Our Values

Every moment, every class, and every activity is designed with our beliefs at heart. While music is such a powerful tool to help children grow, develop, and learn valuable life skills (and we could go on and on about the benefits of music), our studio environment and relationships with your children center around who they are right now. We want for them what you want for them. It’s about much more than music or learning. It’s about helping them thrive for the rest of their lives.

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Classes offer delightful activities that stimulate creativity, exploration, imagination, and learning through play. There are no rules, and every response or idea is accepted and honored, which in turn plays into a child’s confidence.


Melody Magic is a family-focused environment where each child and family is respected, appreciated, and valued, and where life-long friendships begin. The connections are endless — between parents and children, family to family, and teachers to students.


Melody Magic provides engaging ​education and materials that inspire families to tap into the power of music throughout the week (not just in class!), allowing the children to develop skills for life.


Parents can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing their child is growing in confidence with each activity, and that they are being taught by highly-trained educators who are passionate about music education. And with a positive connection with their teachers, children feel safe and loved, and thus willing to take chances and try new things.


The biggest of all. We praise. We high-five. We hug. And we smile. Because we truly care about our music family. We strive to encourage a love for learning and exploring. A love for friends, teachers, and families. And a love for all things musical.

When you join a class or lessons at Melody Magic, you will see all these core values in action. In every class. With every child. If you haven’t tried a class yet, consider yourself invited. We can’t wait to LOVE your child!

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