Ukulele Classes

Let’s Jam in Uke ‘n Play!

From the moment the students step in the studio, the positive vibe surrounds them. This is the place they can be themselves and explore what they love all while making friends. The ukulele is a great starter string instrument. It’s the perfect size for younger arms, low-maintenance, and affordable. And it’s simple, which leads to quick success for young learners!

While students enjoy their independence in this drop-off class, parents will love being occasionally invited in at the end of class to hear what the class has learned!  

Uke ‘n Play

Ages 6-9 years

Ukulele lessons at Melody Magic Music in Richmond VA

“Uke ‘n Play!”  is a fun-tastic, engaging class that is perfect for beginner or continuing students who want to play as a group, learn new songs, and thrive with one of the most popular intruments around! It’s teamwork and music, all rolled into one. Uke ‘n Play teaches students the foundations of the instrument: positioning, strumming, and chords, as well as applying those chords to song. Students must start in the beginner class and will move up based on teacher recommendation; if your child already has some experience, please contact us for placement recommendation.

What will we do in ukulele class?

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Learn the basics of chords and strumming

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Explore music through popular pop songs as well as unfamiliar songs

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Enjoy music as an ensemble with a more sophisticated sound

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Make new friends

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Create a life-long passion for music

What We Offer With Each Class:


Weekly 40 Minute Classes

Flexibility To Change Classes

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Printed Music/Notebook to Keep


Simple Monthly Pricing

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Join Anytime


4-month minimum commitment

$25 One-Time Material Fee 


Get Started With A Trial Class!

Join us in the studio to see what it's all about.

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