Beginning Piano Classes

Group Piano Lessons in Richmond, Virginia

Beginning Piano Classes

Piano is an excellent instrument for children to learn. It not only introduces a whole range of music skills but also builds confidence and creativity, setting the stage for a lifetime love of music. And the best way to learn piano? Group piano lessons.

GROUP? Yes, group. Quite simply, children want to be with friends. They want to feel part of something and be included. With a consistent yet small group of class friends each week, student confidence soars in a relaxed atmosphere that feels more like “fun” than piano lessons. Group piano lessons combine these social needs with piano instruction to create a learning experience in which children thrive.

Research shows that children learn best when they feel positive emotions of engagement and joy. Positive relationships with their classmates spark their creativity and interest. Students are motivated by their peers, learn and work as a team, and enjoy game-based learning together, as not all learning happens at the piano! They also enjoy playing the piano and getting one-on-one help from their teacher. 

We have seen, year after year, that students who have progressed through several years of group piano are not only prepared to flourish in private lessons, but also have a natural love for learning piano. You can’t force that, but you can create opportunities for that love to develop.


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