Beginning Piano Classes


Piano is an excellent instrument for children to learn. It not only introduces a whole range of music skills such as rhythm, notation, and song, it also builds confidence and creativity, setting the stage for a lifetime love of music. For younger children, often a group class is the best way to go. Not only will they benefit from all that the piano has to offer, but they will thrive with socialization that allows children to make music as a group! 


Melody Magic offers two different beginning piano classes -- one for ages 4-6 years old and one for 6-8 year olds. Each is a bit different, yet both are small in number to maximize student-teacher ratio. These classes are offered both in-studio and online. In the studio, absolutely no materials are shared or passed between kids. The room is large, and set up to space children over 6' apart. After class, all keyboards and materials are thoroughly cleaned before any other child has a chance to touch them. Safety is of utmost importance! The online class is presented in exactly the same manner, teaching the exact same skills via the online platform Zoom. Using a shared screen and a whole range of other features, your child will participate at their own keyboard along with a small group of students that will soon become friends!

Little Mozarts

Ages 4-6 years

The joy-filled Music for Little Mozarts curriculum has an all-inclusive approach to musical instruction for older preschoolers and Kindergarteners. This unique curriculum uses the piano as method for developing a wide-range of musical skills that are the building blocks of any musical instrument, and it's the perfect beginning for young children who are anxious to play an instrument but not quite ready for private lessons. 


The course centers around the adventures of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse as they learn about music. The students are introduced to new musical concepts and pieces at the piano as they follow the story of these 2 characters.  As young beginners, they are not ready to sit at the piano for a long time. In fact, they don't sit at all! They stand for short bits of time to practice their skills, then they're off again to learn in other manners. And every activity, every movement game, every thing they do helps them learn and acquire music skills they need. Giving children an outlet for that energy then allows them the focus they need at the piano, where they can apply the skills they have learned away from the keyboard. The longer they are in classes, the more time they will spend actually ON the piano keyboard.

Music for Little Mozarts is a learning-rich, child-focused curriculum. It is not a performance-driven class, and students are not "pushed" to move forward before they are ready. Rather, it is structured to help every child develop a strong foundation of skills while building their confidence through joyful exploration. 

There is no practice requirement -- but be prepared! They will be begging to show you all that they have learned!

Tuesdays 4:00-4:40 (in-studio) or

Tuesdays 3:10-3:50 (in-studio, starts in March) or

Fridays 5:00-5:40 (in-studio)

Tuition: $80/month

Materials Fee: $25

  • 40-minute weekly drop-off classes that include 5 minutes of sharing time with parents at the end

  • Classes run almost year-round

  • Small class size to maximize learning

  • Spring "celebration"  to honor their hard work!

  • Make-up opportunities done via Zoom/Video

  • $80/month -- no registration fee, 4-month minimum commitment, one-time materials fee includes books and fun piano bag

Little Mozarts Group Piano 

Piano Players

Ages 6-8 years

Piano lessons teach students valuable skills -- musical notation, rhythm, ear training, music skills, and much more. But all of this doesn't need to be done one-on-one! Studies have shown that students in group learning environments tend to thrive faster than those working alone. Generally speaking, this can allow for a higher level of critical thinking and problem solving, while helping build performance skills and confidence.


Students in group piano lessons not only benefit from the high-level of musical training but also from a myriad of other skills. Group piano lessons can help you learn through the perspectives and approaches of other students. It not only allows you to give and receive feedback on your playing, it also allows you to hear feedback on the playing of your peers. If you practice piano by yourself you will always approach piano playing from the same perspective. Although this may at times be fine, having access to new perspectives can help you learn things quicker and more effectively. This will lead you to think in more depth about your own position within the group. As a result, you’ll develop critical thinking skills while developing your performance practice! Additionally, in a group piano lesson environment, students will often encourage each other, and will also challenge each other as well. And.... they make friends. NOTHING could be better than that!

Piano Players is a learning-rich curriculum that focuses on helping students build a firm foundation and love of music.  It is a supportive, collaborative environment that inspires children and nurtures their creativity!

There is a small practice requirement that helps children learn within the comfort of their home; thus a home instrument and books is needed (even a basic keyboard with 66 keys is a great start). 

Tuesdays 5:00-5:40 (NOW FULL) or

Thursdays 4:00-4:40

Fridays 4:00-4:40 (online, must have non-toy keyboard at home)

Tuition: $90/month

Materials Fee: $25


  • 40-minute weekly drop-off classes

  • Classes run September through June

  • Small class size to maximize learning

  • Spring "celebration"  to honor their hard work!

  • Make-up opportunities done via Zoom/Video

  • $90/month -- no registration fee, year-long minimum commitment,  one-time materials fee includes books, folders, and fun piano bag

Piano Players

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