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Beginning Piano Classes

Beginning Piano Classes For Ages 6 & up

Piano is an excellent instrument for children to learn. It not only introduces a whole range of music skills such as rhythm, notation, and song, it also builds confidence and creativity, setting the stage for a lifetime love of music. For beginners starting at 5 years old, a group class is the best way to go. Not only will they benefit from all that the piano has to offer, but they will thrive with socialization that allows children to make music as a group.

Melody Magic offers several different beginning piano classes based on age. Each is a bit different, yet all are small in number to maximize student-teacher ratio. We have seen that children who begin in group classes at an early age are far better prepared for and thrive in private lessons. The difference is remarkable.


Safety is of utmost

  • Absolutely no materials shared between students.
  • Our large room is perfect for remaining 6′ apart
  • All surfaces and pianos are cleaned thoroughly after each use.
  • Masks are optional at this time.

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Piano Players

Ages 6-8 years

Piano lessons at Melody Magic Music in Richmond VA
Piano lessons teach students valuable skills — musical notation, rhythm, ear training, music skills, and much more. But all of this doesn’t need to be done one-on-one! Studies have shown that students in group learning environments tend to thrive faster than those working alone. Generally speaking, this can allow for a higher level of critical thinking and problem solving, while helping build performance skills and confidence.

Students in group piano lessons not only benefit from the high-level of musical training but also from a myriad of other skills. Group piano lessons can help you learn through the perspectives and approaches of other students. It not only allows you to give and receive feedback on your playing, it also allows you to hear feedback on the playing of your peers. If you practice piano by yourself you will always approach piano playing from the same perspective. Although this may at times be fine, having access to new perspectives can help you learn things quicker and more effectively. This will lead you to think in more depth about your own position within the group. As a result, you’ll develop critical thinking skills while developing your performance practice! Additionally, in a group piano lesson environment, students will often encourage each other, and will also challenge each other as well. And…. they make friends. NOTHING could be better than that!

There is a small practice requirement that helps children learn within the comfort of their home; thus a home instrument is needed (even a basic keyboard with 66 keys is a great start). Students must complete Piano Players before moving on to Intermediate Piano Players the next year, followed by Advanced Piano Players the following year. If your child has a small amount of experience already, we can assess their skill set to see if they may join an ongoing group.

What We Offer With Each Class:

Weekly 40 Minute Classes
Unlimited Makeups

Classes Held Sept – Aug

Simple Pricing
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100 / monthly

$25 One-Time Material Fee
Join Anytime Through December

Sept-July Commitment

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Books and Piano Bag to Keep

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