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Melody Magic offers ongoing enrollment for a variety of classes and Private Lessons. This means you stay enrolled, with all of the benefits of enrollment, until you let us know you need to withdraw.

As stated in the FAQs and accepted at the time of enrollment, there are minimum lengths of commitment in order to ensure the best learning environment for all:

  • Singing Club, Instrument Explorers, and Private Lessons is 2 months commitment
  • Uke ‘n Play, Little Keynotes and Little Mozarts is 4 months commitment
  • Piano Players (all levels) is Sept-August commitment

Notice of withdrawal must be received by the last day of your last month (i.e. by March 31st to make March your last month). There are no exceptions or refunds, as your spot has already been held for you. 

Withdrawing from classes or lessons at Melody Magic is simple, but please consider these insights before making your decision

Group piano lessons at Melody Magic Music in Richmond VA

Music education is important: Make it a priority

  • There are lots of choices of activities for your child. And limits on the wallet. We get it. But we strongly believe that a solid music education has lifelong lasting benefits.
  • It’s not just about learning music. For young children it’s about developmental skills, emotional and social skills, cognitive and language skills. For older children music is about routine, goals, effort, and achievement. And ALL musical experiences are about exploring with creativity and building confidence.
  • Sometimes a change is needed, but it may just be a time change or a teacher change. It’s important to model the “not giving up” attitude for your child, encouraging them to work towards their goal and through each phase of life and learning.

After all, we are building up wonderful humans. That’s the goal.


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