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Policies and How-To

Policies and How-To


Our mission is to inspire creative minds through music while developing creativity, confidence, connection with a community, and a love for music. We are committed to providing a top-notch experience where every child, every family, feels loved and appreciated.

Getting Started

Families can enroll at anytime using our online system. We prorate tuition for a given month based on when you enroll. Every student and family should expect a few weeks of transition to learn the rituals and routines of your class or lesson experienc,​

Parent Participation

Kindermusik® students in Foundations, Level 1, and Level 2 participate with a parent or caregiver, as the adult is an integral part of the learning experience. Level 3 does not include parent participation except for the last 10 minutes of class for sharing time. Level 4 students participate independently. Students in all other group classes will participate on their own as parental guidance is not needed in classes and lessons.


We know that the needs of children and families change. We do our best to account for this and offer a very flexible program with no long-term commitment for Kindermusik®  Levels Foundations through 4. Other programs require a small commitment in order to allow the child to progress and to maintain an environment conducive learning. Uke ‘n Play, Instrument Explorers, Singing Club, and Private Lessons require a 2-month commitment . Little Keynotes (formerly Piano Adventures) and Little Mozarts requires a 4-month commitment, and Piano Players, Intermediate Piano Players, and Advanced Piano Players requires Sept-July commitment.

Materials Needed and Resources for Families

Kindermusik® families receive online access to a wealth of goodies, including streaming the music from class each unit, class e-books, and instrument exploration delivered through the Kindermusik App.  Be sure to download it and “log into” the app using the same email and password that you used when you enrolled in classes.

Group Piano program materials vary. While Little Keynotes and Little Mozart students do not need a home piano, Piano Players do in order to practice at home. Beginning piano students will receive piano books to take home in their brand-new piano bag. These are to keep and use for practice at home, and students should bring them to every class.

Ukulele students must provide their own ukulele, but may borrow one during class for their first class. Students will receive a binder full of ever-growing songs and materials. We build the student book as we go. This binder is theirs to keep and should be brought to every class.

Singing Club students will receieve a binder with an ever-growing music collection of songs.

Private Lesson students need their own instrument to bring to lessons (except piano) and to practice at home. Students also need a 3-ring binder and empty pencil box to bring to lessons. We will fill the box with goodies they will use during their lesson. Families are granted access to our online system to receive weekly notes and guidance from their teacher. Students will also have the ability to log their practice and work towards goals and rewards. Each student will work with their teacher to select books that are appropriate for their age. These are purchased by the family.

Make Up Classes

We have a generous makeup policy inviting all group students to schedule a makeup for any and all missed classes during the year using our convenient online system. No refunds or discounts will be given for missed classes or lessons. Make-ups are subject to availability.

Lesson families will have several options for make-ups if they have provided notice at least 6 hours prior to their lesson time. ALL ABSENCES MUST BE MARKED THROUGH YOUR My Music Staff account. Upon cancellation, parents must indicate if they prefer a video make-up or opportunity to reschedule an in-person lesson. Please check emails and My Music Staff for further directions. No make-up lessons are provided in person or if not enough notice was given. 


Tuition payments are monthly by credit card. All enrolled families will be charged a payment on the 1st of each month. No refund will be given for families who cancel enrollment after the 1st of the month. Monthly payments do not reflect a certain number of classes or lessons in a month; the cost is all classes in an entire year divided into equal payments for your convenience. Holidays/closings are taken into account.

Performance Opportunities

Most of our programs focus on the process of learning to encourage creativity and inspiration rather that perfecting our music for performance. Much harm can be done to a child’s confidence by asking them to perform at an early age. Throughout the year, older students in our group classes are given a chance to share what they have learned in a casual setting. In addition, Piano Players Classes and Private Lesson students will celebrate their hard work in a fun Winter Performance and more formal Spring Recital.

Change Your Enrollment or Class

Should you need to switch classes or lesson times, please contact the studio for availability. We are as flexible as can be and will work with you to find a time that works for your child.

If you need to make a change or pause your enrollment, use the Change My Enrollment form found in the Family Hub section of our website. We must receive a change request by the last business day of the month to avoid charges for the next month. If a change request is submitted on the 1st of the month, the payment will still be run for the current month. No refunds are given for payments run before a change is processed.


If your child or student is sick, we ask you to stay home to protect the other children and families in the class or your lesson teacher. Enjoy listening to music at home this week while resting up! For the safety of our children, we invite you to schedule a makeup class using our online system in order to maintain class sizes that are conducive to learning.

Non-enrolled Siblings Attending Class

Due to limited class sizes and the nature of the younger class settings, classes can only accommodate non-enrolled siblings if they are content in a car carrier or body-worn. Should you need to occasionally bring a silbling, please contact the studio in advance. A $15 sibling fee will apply. This accommodation may only be used once a month.

Inclement Weather

Melody Magic typically follows the Henrico County School system for weather cancellations, however occasionally we make an exception. We primarily use Facebook and email to keep our families notified of changes due to Inclement Weather. If Kindermusik® or other group classes are cancelled due to weather, then families are invited to sign up for a makeup class online. We do not reschedule weather-related cancelled classes. If Private Lessons are cancelled due to weather, students have the option to participate in an online lessons using Zoom. Teachers have the option to provide video-recorded lesson material or group lessons for a weather-related cancellation.

A la Carte Classes, Jingle Jams, and Summer Offerings

Tuition for a la carte classes and special offerings is due at the time of enrollment. All enrollments are final and non-refundable. Missed classes will not be refunded or rescheduled. There are NO monthly fees or reoccurring payments involved. Should you need to reschedule an a la carte class PRIOR to the class date, you may do so one time.

Holiday and Seasonal Closings

Periodically throughout the year the studio closes in honor of holidays or seasonal breaks. These closings are planned and is reflected in your yearly tuition amount, as all the scheduled classes in a year are divided into equal payments for your convenience.

Holidays and Closings 2022-2023

  • End of Summer Break 2022: Tuesday Aug 23rd – Monday Sept 6
  • All classes continue Tuesday, Sept. 6th
  • Thanksgiving Break 2022: Wednesday Nov 23 – Sunday Nov 27

  • Winter Break 2022: Sunday Dec 18 – Sunday Jan 1

  • Spring Break 2023: Sunday April 2 – Sunday April 9

  • Memorial Day 2023: Saturday May 27-29
  • Independence Weekend 2023: Saturday July 1-Tuesday July 4 

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