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Why do parents want their children to learn an instrument? Because research has shown the huge connections between music and math, increased IQ, creativity, and overall “brain power.”

But what do KIDS want? They want to have fun. To be social. To be PART of something that motivates them. To “bee” in a hive with lots of happy bees. And that is where group piano lessons come in.

Group piano lessons are fast becoming the top-notch manner in which to teach piano. They are getting all the “buzz” these days. This format has been around for many years, but only in the past few years has it become more prevalent, as more and more teachers are realizing the ever-growing benefits of the group format.

Buzz-Worthy Benefits

The list of benefits is long. Too long to write, too long to read. So here are the top five ways group lessons help students thrive in music.


Students in group lessons develop a high level of confidence in playing for others as it is a routine part of class, rather than an isolated event at the end of the year. Playing in front of others reduces performance anxiety. Additionally, throughout the class, they receive positive feedback from their peers, as well as the teacher, which makes their confidence soar.


Being part of a group challenges students to keep improving and try harder. Playing in an ensemble (group music-making) requires each child to be an active, prepared participant, and when the activity is fun, the motivation increases. They end up WANTING to practice, rather than having to be reminded by a parent. Can you imagine?

3. Reduced Pressure

When learning a new skill, student can feel nervous. The group dynamic allows for a more relaxed situation in which to learn, rather than a singular focus by the teacher. Additionally, positive peer pressure that does not feel like a competition or pressure-filled performance, but rather an engaging group activity where playing together is delightful, is the key to reducing anxiety while learning.

4. Socialization

Experiencing the joy of making music together, with new friends, is possibly one of the most important benefits of group lessons. Rather than feeling the sense of isolation in a private lessons, students in a group lesson get the opportunity to relate to students of similar age and level, and naturally problem-solve and explore concepts together.

5. Teamwork

In a group class, the teacher can facilitate activities that foster teamwork, whether it is collaborating to figure out the notes in a song or playing a duet with another student. The group lesson establishes a sense of community spirit and group dynamics that leads to an encouraging atmosphere where students learn from each other.

A sense of community, paired with activities that build a child’s confidence and motivation, are things we all strive to help our children achieve and feel. Combine the group experience with the amazing benefits of learning an instrument and it’s like sweet honey fresh from the hive.

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