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What’s the “right” way to enjoy Kindermusik with your little one?

 The short answer? There is no “right” way to enjoy music! Every child, every family is different. And that’s a beautiful thing. We all come together to enjoy singing, dancing, instrument play, rhymes and stories… but every child interprets and participates in their own way. Kindermusik is a program that is about progress and learning through play. It is not about perfection or performance.

 What does that look like in class?

 In each class our trained Kindermusik educators help parents engage with their child through developmentally appropriate activities. Sometimes that means dancing with your child while everyone else plays an instrument. Sometimes it means simply observing “from the sidelines” while other toddlers swish their scarves to the music. And sometimes it means jumping up and down with your new best friend! Kindermusik is about letting your child be the lead in their own learning and growth with their parent by their side to support, encourage, and love on them. There is no right or wrong way.

Kindermusik® classes for children at Melody Magic Music in Richmond VA

What will you see at your first class?

 Most often you will see your child observe from the comfort of your lap. It’s a new environment. We must give children the space and “permission” to adjust to our routines in their own time without us pushing them to engage in a certain way. But when they learn the delightful rituals of a Kindermusik class you will see them soar! You will see them smile. And you will see them THRIVE through music.

 If you haven’t experienced a Kindermusik class first-hand, come join us for a trial class!

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