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You already know that music is one of your baby’s favorite things, right? After all, you are the parent! You see how your wee one responds to music. A giggle, eyes wide open, perhaps some babbling. But did you know that it’s also one of the best things for his developing mind? You may not have known that… and that’s ok! Parenting is not all about knowing everything. Everyone needs some guidance and answers. And music can be a resource for you to be the best parent you can be!

The benefits of music for babies are so great that it is hard to just list a few. But, you are a busy parent. You don’t have time to read an essay. So let’s focus on just a few.

The Vestibular System

The vestibular system is responsible for helping your child’s brain understand gravity, balance, and spatial awareness. When you rock, sway, bounce, and dance, you are stimulating that system. That night-time rocking to help her sleep? It does more than you think! The bouncing on your hip to keep him happy? Yup. Stimulating that good ole vestibular system. And dancing around the kitchen? Not only does it bring you BOTH joy, but it helps with spatial awareness. So go on — dance!

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the use of the small muscles, such as those of the fingers. Think about your child trying to pick up a Cheerio — that’s fine motor skills. Grasping instruments with a thumb and index finger, or grasping with the whole hand, are both opportunities to develop fine motor skills (among other things!). And eventually these are the same skills that will help her hold a pencil, pick up a spoon, and perhaps even play an instrument like the piano! Hint… just be sure the instruments are safe for little ones!

Steady Beat

Think of steady beat as a heartbeat. Your baby first hears it in utero, and continues to hear it in everyday life. As children develop a sense of steady beat, it helps them walk effortlessly, speak expressively, and even bounce a basketball and brush their teeth! In a Kindermusik class, we often bounce the babies on our laps. This simple move allows them to feel the beat with their whole body, hear the beat in the music, and watch everyone else moving to the same beat. Incorporating all those senses at once enhances their ability to learn.

Social and Emotional Development

Participating in a group music class supports emotional and social development. When we have shared experiences — such as clapping, dancing, or bouncing together as a group — we develop social bonds. These bonds help us relate to others and feel connected. Think of your baby as taking baby steps. The social and emotional development starts early!

Kindermusik classes at Melody Magic incorporate all of these things for our youngest musicians. We bounce, dance, sing, explore with instruments, and connect with others. Parents learn about how each activity can help their sweetheart learn and develop. And we all delight in amazement at the smiles on the faces of the babies as they hear their favorite “hello” song begin!

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