Rockstar Family: The Farrells

Meet a Rockstar Family!

We love our families at Melody Magic! We enjoy getting to know them and watching their children grow, It's one of the most delightful parts of being a music teacher! And we want YOU to know all about these wonderful families! So read on to learn about the Farrells!

Who is in your family?

Husband-Peter, 2 daughters-Maggie and Garland, Dog-Lexi and Fred the fish!

How long have you been enjoying music at Melody Magic? When did you first get started and why?

Since my oldest daughter, Garland, was over 3 years.  We had heard great things about Melody Magic and lived very close at that time.

What is your favorite thing you and your child do together in music class, or with music at home?

My two girls love to do music concerts and parades together at home. They use some of the instruments they have gotten at Melody Magic and put on quite a show!

What surprised you the most about doing classes at Melody Magic?

How much my girls have learned other than just music.  They have learned socialization skills, following directions, coordination and many other things.

What else do you and your kids like to do together?

Spend time with extended family, visit the beach, cooking, art projects

What is the funniest thing your kid has ever said or done?

Way too many things to list! But most recently Garland told her Grammy to “stop micromanaging me”! Big words for such a little girl!  And Maggie is still perfecting her vocabulary 😋

What's your favorite style of music? What do you find yourself listening to the most these days?

I love oldies (60-80’s)-music I grew up listening to with my parents

What do you sing in the shower? Or what does your kid sing in the bath (or going potty!!!)?

We often play “baby shark” or “splish splash” while the girls are in the tub

If you had to guess RIGHT NOW, what do you think your children will "be" when they grow up?

Garland says doctor or dentist, depending on the day...I could definitely see her doing something medical or being a lawyer since she asks 1,000 questions right now.  Maggie- a little too early to tell, but she is very determined, so probably some type of lady boss!

If you could pass on any piece of advice to a new parent, what would it be?

The first few years are exhausting but so very rewarding! Try to enjoy the “little things” and know the days may seem slow but the years go by so fast.

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